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A new generation of medication

Medcan Family Foundation is a patient organisation working on behalf of families living with complex severe treatment resistant epilepsy for whom the new generation of cannabis-derived medications represent a lifeline for their children. Medcan’s founding principle is that no child should have their life cut short when there is simple and safe treatment available.


Patients who depend on
cannabis-based medicine should
be able to get the essential
treatment and care they require,
without delay, and on the NHS.
Raising awareness for this is at the
heart of what we do.


The struggle to pay for medicine
needed to keep their child well
leaves many families unable to
cover basic living costs. MedCan
sets aside a share of all money
raised to provide hardship
grants and high-street vouchers


No judgement. Without access,
families are resorting to poorly
regulated OTC or illicit products.
It is vital these families are able to
talk to doctors. If you are in this
situation, for confidential support
and advice contact Medcan


High-quality care requires highquality data. But the complexity
of the situation and lack of
investment makes that hard.
Medcan are at the forefront of
gathering in-depth, robust data
on cannabis-derived medications

Meet Our Families

Age 13, Louis Petit was diagnosed with a rare and devastating form of epilepsy. After trying countless drugs his family were told he was out of options and to accept the loss of their previously
bright, energetic boy. But with access to advanced, cannabis derived medications, Louis is living a life seizure free.

The Figures

Every year epilepsy costs not only thousands of lives but billions of pounds in NHS resources. The new generation of cannabis derived epilepsy treatments are a significant step towards beating the world’s most common neurological disorder but it requires urgent funding and government led change to address the barriers to access.


Thousand children suffering daily who could benefit


Epilepsy related deaths every week in the UK


% of epilepsy cases there is no known cause for


Pounds spent per patient on epilepsy research


The number of families who seek out our support and advice is growing every year. Help us give greater voice to children unable to access the life saving medications they need. In supporting us you are supporting them.

I am hugely proud to be supporting Medcan

The welfare of the whole family unit is paramount, the child’s needs, the parents mental health, as well as brothers and sisters who are greatly affected by having a sibling with epilepsy.

Melanie Sykes - Ambassador

Give medicinal cannabis to all who need it.

Tonia is a long time supporter of families with incurable epilepsy, fighting for access to better medications.

Tonia Antoniazzi - Labour MP

Epileptic Alfie Dingley's mum revives medical cannabis fight after 4 years of NHS failure.

In 2018 medical cannabis campaigner Hannah's efforts led to the change that should have made these life saving medications available on the NHS.

Hannah Deacon - Medcan Family Foundation Chair

We have lived experience, we know the issues to access.

There are over 600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK. Cannabis could offer an alternative to the cocktail of anti-epileptic drugs usually used to treat the condition?

Dr Callie Seaman PHD - Trustee Medcan Family Foundation

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