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The Issue : Cannabis Prescriptions

Trustees Hannah Deacon and Alice Salisbury recently shared their insights with BBC Breakfast News, shedding light on the pressing issue of limited access to advanced cannabis medications within the NHS. Their discussion underscored the adverse effects of existing policies, which are taking a toll on the families receiving crucial support from the Medcan Family Foundation.

Both parents passionately appealed to the Prime Minister for immediate action. With half a decade of failed policy behind us, it’s untenable for children to endure another decade of waiting for clinical trials when ample robust evidence already attests to the efficacy and safety of these medications.

Statements from the Department of Health and Social Care suggest that a careful review of evidence concerning unlicensed cannabis-based treatments is imperative to ensure their safety and effectiveness before they can be considered for roll out across the NHS.

In response, Alice Salisbury firmly asserts, “This statement implies the existence of some miraculous, extensively tested, and highly effective alternative for my son. Clearly, if such an option were available, I would readily choose it. but no such option exists. In reality, what this statement implies is that we should stand by and let our son die. That is the harsh reality this statement conveys.”

The Issue Cannabis: Prescription pot luck?

The extensive coverage this week was sparked by the debut of a compelling BBC documentary titled “The Issue: Cannabis Pot Luck.” The documentary intimately portrayed the remarkable journey of Hannah and her son, Alfie, highlighting how cannabis played a pivotal role in saving his life. Furthermore, it showcased Hannah’s relentless advocacy efforts alongside other families in 2018, culminating in a landmark change in the law in November of the same year, empowering specialist clinicians to prescribe cannabis-based treatments.

To view the full 30 min documentary follow the link below.

The Issue Cannabis: Prescription Pot Luck 

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