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Christmas Cards

Medcan Family Foundation / Christmas Cards

A not so Merry Christmas

Every year ministers across the UK send one another their family Christmas card, this year they’ll receive a card from families of the #savetheunicorn campaign. 

The cards will be accompanied by a letter talking of the hardships families have faced this past year. Those few lucky enough to be privately prescribed left with the responsibility of raising hundreds, even thousands per month at a time where the cost of living is a strain. 

For the majority, access to advanced cannabis medications under the care and guidance of a clinician is not possible. 

The NHS has fallen behind other countries with out of date guidance and with no funding pathway. Private access is restricted with only two clinicians prescribing for paediatrics and books full. 

These families are left with no choice but to criminalise themselves to help their child. 

600,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with Epilepsy. 30% of those will have a form which doesn’t respond to primary treatments, this figure has remained for the past 40 years despite new treatments coming to market. Development of new treatments tend to be for those who are already catered for and not focused on the 30% who are in dire need.  

Please support by emailing your MP asking they raise a question in the commons ;

No parent should be forced into crime or trapped by financial ruin to get vital medicine for their child.
We urgently ask that you put the following question to the Secretary of State for Health:
In 2024, what steps will her Department take to ensure the Government keeps its promise, guaranteeing children with severe epilepsy can access effective cannabis-based medications through the NHS?